Woolly Winter Warmers! Cosy carpet for your French home

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August 22, 2022
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December 8, 2022

Woolly Winter Warmers! Cosy carpet for your French home

After an extremely long hot summer it has been good to experience some cooler weather for a change……. There has been a definite change in the season and autumn and winter are definitely on their way!

As the cooler weather arrives we’re all looking at ways to reduce heating costs – especially this year! As up to 20% of heat can be lost via an uncovered floor it’s worth remembering that one of the multiple benefits of a fully fitted carpet and underlay is its superb insulation properties – numerous studies show that at least 10% can be saved on heating bills with well fitted carpet over a good, insulating underlay. 

Wool is the best fibre for a carpet to assist with regulating air quality keeping rooms warmer in the winter (and conversely, of course, cooler in summer) and wool rich flooring remains very popular with our clients for its comforting feel and appearance – and is obviously a natural, renewable product. 

Two of the newer wool based carpets are Cormar Carpet’s Pimlico – a blend of 50%  premium New Zealand wool and 50% man-made polypropylene in 3 designs, including a subtle stripe. Abingdon Flooring have revamped their Royal Windsor quality to give it a natural relaxing palette in 100% wool loop pile berber style. 

We continue to source carpets and flooring from both UK and European manufacturers to give the widest portfolio available to be fitted throughout France.

If you would like to find out more about our wool carpet and other ranges, please get in touch.

Enjoy the autumnal weather!

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