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April 30, 2021
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June 7, 2021

What types of carpet do I like?

This year I have been in the carpet and flooring business, in one form or another, for 45 years. So it’s fair to say that I have been involved with fitting quite a few carpets in my time……..


I have seen new trends come and go; when I had my first shop in Devon at the end of the 1970’s striped carpet was really popular (but often in a cheap quality), then went out of fashion for a while. Now, modern carpet manufacturers like Brockway are introducing new striped ranges and strong solid colours are back in vogue.


It’s my aim to help people choose a carpet that fulfils their needs and they will love in their home for years to come.


However, sometimes I am asked what sort of carpet I prefer.


Personally I like 80/20 twist (80% wool/20% man-made). Westex produce good examples of this style, some with a luxurious smooth finish. Favourite colours? Well there are many – the Ultima twist range has 120 different colours – but Willow and Peacock would probably be my choice.


I’ve also always liked striped carpet – particularly when matched with corresponding plain colours.


You’ll not be surprised to learn that I am a big believer in the importance of a good underlay – every new carpet deserves new underlay! Many underlays these days are made from PU foam, or ‘blown foam’, which is in fact, made up from the trimmings and offcuts from the foam used in things like furniture production. A decent quality carpet, professionally fitted over a good underlay will give years of comfort to any area of the home.


So really, whatever your choice of style, colour or type of carpet, you can be sure that good quality carpet will never go out of fashion!


Yours, Jon


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  1. Steven Deakin says:

    Hi John,

    I have a holiday home just outside Morzine and am looking to get one of the guest carpeted. I am not currently in France but hope to be out there in late June/early July.

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