Using Bold Coloured Carpet in a Cosy Small Room

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October 5, 2022
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Using Bold Coloured Carpet in a Cosy Small Room

Choosing carpet for small rooms is just as fun as when selecting floor coverings for larger spaces.

Your choice of carpet will not make a small room bigger, of course – but it can make it feel more spacious with the right colours and patterns.

Bold and darker or patterned colours can make a room feel cosy, drawing the eye inward so that the space is less expansive.

If you wish to make a room look bigger, lighter colours such as beige, sand, and taupe are ideal as they do not distract the eye as much.

However, bold and coloured carpet is a fantastic way of brightening and creating a cosy ambience – so let’s look at a few examples!

Cormar carpets has a good range of different carpets which are perfect for smaller (and larger…) rooms, such as Linwood Twist, Apollo Plus and Pembroke. Linwood and Apollo are both Easy Clean carpets whereas Pembroke is part of their classic range.

Similarly, Abingdon Flooring offers several carpets from its collection, namely its Caress, Tweed & Royal Charter Deluxe brands. Caress and Tweed are Stainfree, Easy Clean carpets whilst Royal Charter Deluxe is from the Wilton carpet selection.

In the photos you can see illustrations from Cormar and Abingdon.

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