Pet friendly carpet – for dealing with muddy paw prints & more!

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February 5, 2020
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April 6, 2020

Pet friendly carpet – for dealing with muddy paw prints & more!

I read recently that 1 in 2 homes in France have either a dog or a cat – and it’s fair to say that Andrea and I love our pets, too. I’ve always enjoyed the company of dogs in my life.

Pet owners know however that as loveable as they are, pets can be messy at times! I know this from taking Moss and Lobo for a walk in the muddy countryside around where we live in the Limousin. The two are both rescue animals and are gorgeous.

Choosing carpet that is pet friendly is therefore important for many of us – and child-friendly too, as the muddy prints are sometimes of a human kind! So I thought I would share with you a couple of tips to help you select the right type of carpet for our furry friends.

If you have a dog or cat you’ll be familiar with the problems they can bring in keeping the house clean: most pets shed fur and it can build up, dirt is brought in on their paws and there are other unmentionables…

Buying a carpet that is stain resistant, lasts for a long time whilst continuing to look great is really important. Also, think about the colour and pattern as some designs may be less forgiving than others.

Another tip: don’t forget that although a carpet may LOOK clean, grit and dust gathers in the fibres so it is necessary to hoover, say, 3 times a week to keep it properly clean.

Abingdon and Cormar carpets are two of the manufacturers that supply excellent pet and child friendly carpets, complete with a 10-year stain and wear guarantee. We’ve plenty of options available.

Interested to find out more? Click on this link  to look at our gallery of carpets and request a free sample.

For a free measure up and no obligation quote, contact us at our office and showroom on 09 63 56 23 10 or visit our website for more information about the wide range of carpets and flooring.

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