From Harrogate comes LVT
December 19, 2023
From Harrogate comes LVT
December 19, 2023

Off The Loom now distributed in France by Jon the Carpetman

We are pleased to introduce Off The Loom, our latest collaboration with a British supplier of exceptional quality materials.

They are celebrated for their unique flatweave stair runners and rugs in vibrant colours and patterns, combining traditional weaving methods with modern techniques to produce stunning pieces of art – that you can walk on! What sets Off The Loom apart from many of their contemporaries is their use of 100% pure New Zealand wool in a superior 3-ply yarn, giving a lavish texture, vivid colours and greater durability.   

So what is a flatweave? Woven without a pile like a ‘normal’ carpet, a flatweave runner is both practical and versatile and is perfect for producing a striped runner or a carpet with a border. The versatility of a flatweave stair runner shows mostly on a staircase with turns – either a gradual turn or with right-angled half landings – because the installation method allows the pattern or stripes to continually follow round the curve, all in line. Where there is a need for a right-angled turn the runner is mitred to still keep the pattern in line.

These mitres are hand sewn at the company’s workshop, where they can also sew multiple widths of the standard flatweave runners to provide custom made rugs, with a binding if preferred. These patterns are suited to both modern and traditional French homes, offering a timeless elegance.   So integrate British craftsmanship with the charm of French living by having a unique flatweave stair runner installed by Jon the Carpet Man.

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