How to save money on heating costs

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August 5, 2019
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October 7, 2019

How to save money on heating costs

Did you know the average home loses up to 10% of its heat due to uninsulated floors?

We all are increasingly aware of the need to save energy – which is just one reason why carpet is a popular and affordable solution.  

How does it work?

Quality carpet fitted with underlay on a solid floor provides a natural form of insulation by trapping the air within its fibres. This is ideal for cold winters but good news for the summer too, as it reduces the impact of hot air during the summer as heat rises, keeping bedrooms cooler.

Properly fitted carpet will save you money too: up to 15% every year.  Based on average household heating bills in France, which are estimated at €1,800 per year, that could reduce your annual bill by around €300.

Underlay is important too. It will give added insulation benefits, reduce drafts, make the carpet last longer – and looks great.

Abingdon Flooring is one of our trusted UK carpet manufacturers, offering a range of different collections. The StainFree brand covers a range of different carpets and is easy to clean. It is perfect for when those unexpected spills occur; the carpet is designed to prevent food and drink spillages entering the pile fibres. Alternatively, there is the Love Story Collection with its beautifully soft and sumptuous carpet, easily cleanable – and again looks amazing. Both of these ranges can even be cleaned with bleach.

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