Go for gold 🏆– carpets with winning appeal.

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March 1, 2022
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May 3, 2022

Go for gold 🏆– carpets with winning appeal.

Gold is an opulent colour, full of warmth and offers a touch of luxury. That is why gold is such a great choice for carpet; and ideal for stairways, dining rooms or indeed throughout the house.

Two of our most popular carpet ranges, Cormar and Abingdon, have introduced new selections featuring gold – together with many other colours – recently.

Golden hues are sure to brighten up any room, bringing sunshine and a vibrant feel. Over the numerous years that I have fitted carpet, I know that customers often prefer more muted tones for flooring; choosing stronger colours for walls and other furnishings. However, why not turn this around, putting colour on the floor with softer and gentler colours elsewhere?

There is a good variety of choice for gold carpets. Cormar’s Linwood range is one, its Midas Touch Easy Clean carpet a classy and affordable option which is soft on the feet yet also hard wearing.

Another favourite is Abingdon’s beautiful Sophisticat carpet collection. We have recently taken an order to fit a Stainfree Sophisticat gold for a customer’s central staircase in an entrance way. It is a bold statement colour that I am sure will look amazing.

In addition to gold, another strong shade worth considering for carpets is red.

Red is of course a carpet associated with special occasions; but you don’t have to stand on ceremony to have your very own red carpet! Cormar has some fabulous reds in its Primo Tweeds range such as Indian Ruby and Beechnut. Both are well worth a look.

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