Find out why I have been ‘back on the tools’ laying carpet recently….

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July 10, 2020
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October 8, 2020

Find out why I have been ‘back on the tools’ laying carpet recently….

It has been incredibly hectic over the last couple of months since lockdown ended, with lots of new enquiries. Thank you!

Normally I spend most of my time driving to see clients across France and to check out how different projects are coming along. In recent years, it’s fair to say that I have not needed to fit much carpet myself; however, the current busy spell meant that I had to unpack my carpet stretcher and toolbox and get back on the tools…

And it has been great (apart from staying in a few slightly ‘duff’ hotels; that’s another story!).

One of the things I most love about carpet fitting is the wonderful satisfaction you feel after the flooring has been laid. With a final hoover up, the job is complete, and the finished room looks fantastic. I have lost count of the number of carpet fittings I have finished over the years, yet I still get immense pleasure from this part of the job.

During the summer we have also had a new member of the team: Joel, my son.

Joel is now 16 and has helped the guys on a number of projects already – he loves the job! Joel is back at lycée in September, although I know how much he is enjoying carpet fitting. It makes me incredibly proud, too 😊.

So I’m loving getting stuck in again – and it makes it all worthwhile to see the feedback we get from clients – many of whom have not been able to visit their homes in France since last autumn.

In the photos, you can see me in action in a recent job, fitting Roger Oates stair runners. I particularly enjoyed it, as the border stays perfectly in line with stair corners.  The manufacturers produce beautiful carpet which is a real joy to fit.

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