Creating impact with a new carpet

Carpet makes a comeback….
January 26, 2016
Use underlay to make your carpet look great and last longer
February 2, 2016

Creating impact with a new carpet

Whether you are searching for vibrant patterns, bold colourful designs or alternatively shades which offer a more natural and relaxed feel carpets are perfect for creating an impact that lasts.

One of the reasons that we love helping customers to choose a new carpet to lay in their homes is the sheer versatility of the material, with fabrics that include the more traditional woven designs, man-made tufted fabric or even budget cord.

Let’s consider the different types of colours first. There is a huge variety available from our suppliers but as a guide, if you are seeking to make a smaller room appear a bit larger then you may wish to go for a lighter colour. However, if you wish to create a more intimate atmosphere in the home, then a carpet containing darker hues may be ideal for bedrooms or other living areas.

Choosing a colour is likely to be next on your list and again there are many options to ponder; for example, you may prefer earthy, comfortable brown tones, the calming effects of the colour blue or a restful and relaxing green hue. And of course there are many other colours besides….

Carpet can’t be beaten for creating additional warmth in your home, providing additional insulation that is particularly beneficial during the winter months. Whether you own a cottage, apartment, mobile home – or maybe even a chateau – contact us on 05 55 73 63 16 or visit our website for more information and create an impact in your home.

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