How to choose the best carpet for your stairs

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May 10, 2017
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How to choose the best carpet for your stairs

Fitting carpet on the stairs will add warmth and style to your home and has the added benefit of reducing noise – and can even provide cushioning in the event of a fall. So it’s safer, too.

There are three options available: fully carpeted stairs, with carpet that covers all of the stair risers; a stair runner that covers the centre section leaving the sides of the staircase exposed; or just carpeting the stair treads. So if you wish to showcase the beautiful wood or other material, the last two options will do this perfectly.

Your choice will depend upon a number of factors, including of course the condition of the stairs….

A fully carpeted staircase will in general terms be safer than a stair runner, reducing the risk of slips and trips. There is also less risk of fraying in the long term as the carpet fully covers the staircase.

Whether to go for full or partial coverage will similarly depend upon the look and feel you are seeking to create in your home, including the colour and design. For example, do you have wooden flooring at the top and bottom of the stairs? If so, it may be worth considering a stair runner to create the right ambience. However, a fully carpeted staircase could provide a warmer, luxurious feel that will add real panache to your home.

Other considerations include the width and shape of the staircase and your budget. In all of these situations, we can help you by showing you the range of options available, whatever the size of your home in France.

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