Carpet makes a comeback….

Red Wine on your carpet? No problem ….
January 26, 2016
Creating impact with a new carpet
January 26, 2016

Carpet makes a comeback….

Yes, it’s true. More and more people are now choosing the luxurious feel of carpet over hard wood flooring and tiles, and it is not just expats who are making this choice – our French friends are increasingly realising just how great carpet can be.

It’s not difficult to see why people are falling in love with carpet again.

New contemporary colours and patterns, warmth, safety…. These are a few of the features and benefits from having a professionally laid carpet in your home.
Contemporary colours and patterns: In recent years manufacturers have recognised that customers are seeking a wider variety of rich and vibrant colours, patterns, stripes and carpets of different textures. They’ve responded with the introduction of new designs which provide great choice and enable you to match the carpet to a particular type of room. For example, in some rooms you may prefer carpet with a thicker pile feel, and in others you may want a type of carpet which is very easy to clean.

Safety first: For those with children, or with older parents at home who are not so steady on their feet, carpets are generally better providing more of a cushion in the event of minor falls.
Cosy: Nothing beats the warmth of a carpet on a cold winter’s day… so if you want to walk around the house in bare feet, you can….! Carpets are fab for providing extra insulation too, which is why they can be ideal for many families… or if one of your household enjoys playing their drum kit rather loudly….

All in all, carpets are perfect for adding that finishing touch to your home that can’t be matched. If you are thinking about which carpet to buy, give us a call on 05 55 73 63 16 and we can advise what’s best for you.

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