Bond Worth Carpets

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Bond Worth originally founded in 1850 has been responsible for many new and innovative manufacturing processes which in turn have revolutionised the production of quality carpets.

Today we remain one of the market leaders in the production of traditional woven axminster and export our carpets worldwide. The foundations of the company were laid in the early 1840’s. To explore more of our rich history follow the links to the right.

The foundations of our company were laid in the early 1840’s. In 1841 William Henry Worth, then mayor of Kidderminster and his son Thomas Bond Worth, were associated with the firm of Butcher, Worth & Holmes of Callows Lane. In 1850 William Henry Worth’s three sons, Thomas Bond, William and Joseph started a new Brussells Weave factory at Stourport. They were amongst the first to appreciate the importance of powered looms. By 1866 a purpose built factory was begining to take place at severn Valley Mills and in 1888 Lower Dudbridge Mills at Stroud in Gloucestershire was purchased for the weaving of Jacquard carpets.

In 1896 the company was incorporated as a Limited Company and following the death of Thomas Bond Worth his sons became joint Managing Directors. Their joint leadership continuing for nearly fifty years.

In 1900 the company purchased Ham Mills at Stroud for the dedicated manufacture of Chenille Axminster carpets. In 1920 Eagle Spinning Mils at Bowbridge was added to the company. At Stourport 1926 saw the opening of the then largest weaving shed in Great Britain to house both Axminster and Wilton looms.
The advent of the second World War interupted carpet manufacture and the company’s facilities were given over to munitions manufacture. In 1954 Eagle Spinning Millswas extensively damaged by fire. Chenille Axminster production ceased at Stroud and in 1956 Ham Mills was developed into the company’s dedicated spinning division. In 1959 the company was floated on the stock market.

In 1964 Jellymans of Kidderminster was aquired along wit Thomas Taylor & Brothers of Wigan a large tufting carpet company. Rivington Carpets was purchased in 1968. Rapid expansion followed with aquistions including Gainsborough Distributors, Meredew Furnishing Group, Lethem-Vergeer in Holland & Hamburger Teppich-Lager then Germany’s largest carpet retailer.

By the mid 1970’s following the oil price shocks of 1974 the group under the leadership of Dr J. T Murray was sadly over extended and vulnerable. The Axminster portion centred on Severn Valley Mills, Ham Mills and Jellymans was purchased in 1977 by a family dedicated to preserving the firm’s carpet heritage. New investment followed along with a name change to Carpets of Worth and with that the launch of an evolutionary carpet tile branded ‘Bondax’. Throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s the company thrived both at home and abroad purchasing Hugh Nelson Carpets in the United States and Clandeboye Carpets of Ireland.

As we move into the 21st century Bond Worth remains dedicated to producing spool axminster in the time honoured way and to the the exacting demands of both the domestic and contract markets. Many of of our traditonal axminsters are designs that date back almost to the founding of our company in 1850.