Best of British 🇬🇧 carpets – for your home in France 🇫🇷

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November 30, 2021
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Best of British 🇬🇧 carpets – for your home in France 🇫🇷

Clients sometimes ask whether it is still possible to order British made carpets for their homes in France. Yes – most certainly! There is no doubt that traditional British manufactured carpet is the best in the world. British wool carpet is of exceptional quality, is hardwearing as well as luxurious, easy to care for – and is sustainable.

After the UK, Belgium flooring is also superb; with several top name brands based in the country.That is why we source most of our carpets from the UK and Belgium dealing directly with the manufacturers . We do use suppliers from other countries of course, but we prefer to use only the best; supplying quality, affordable and stylish carpet and flooring to fit in our clients’ French homes.

It is true that prices over the last year have increased a little on UK produced materials due to transport costs and other factors. However, it’s important to note that as we are a registered importer into Europe there are NO added import duties on UK produced carpet imported into France. The only difference is that Andrea now has more paperwork to complete!

Our clients though can continue to choose from our comprehensive range of UK, Belgium and other European suppliers without a problem.

Let us consider a couple of our popular UK & Belgium 🇧🇪 carpet and flooring brands.

1. Abingdon flooring – Wilton Royal 100% Wool Carpets Abingdon Flooring is the UK’s largest privately owned manufacturer of quality carpets and owns the Wilton Royal brand. Wilton Royal is a famous make of carpet going back centuries; and today, this wool rich carpet is affordable luxury at its best. Wool is a great material for sound absorption and long lasting. The New Royal Windsor berber range (featured in the photos) is one example, with 12 different colours: a carpet perfect for hallways and staircases.

2. Beauflor – luxurious Vinyl flooring from Belgium Beauflor is a Belgian company that is shaking the market up with some exciting, innovative designs for its Cushion Floor Vinyl ranges – revising classic looks with a modern feel you want. Using the latest digital printing technology with a 3D-effects, you can choose from Beauflor’s beautiful Evasion (featured) collection – or the Moonlight ‘Design By You’ concept. Opt for the ‘Design By You’ product and let the design team create tailor-made designs for you using any image.

Two great carpet and flooring manufacturers – one British, one Belgian – with products that will look fabulous in your home.Please get in touch if you wish to find out more.

All the best, Jon

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