Beautifully authentic carpet runners and rugs in your French home

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November 6, 2019
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January 13, 2020

Beautifully authentic carpet runners and rugs in your French home

Stripes are an extremely versatile pattern for use with carpet, especially stair runners. They provide elegant simplicity as well as a classical feel and will stand the test of time.

Roger Oates Design make some of the very best striped flatweave rugs and runners that you will find.

I have been working in the carpet trade for more than 40 years and I still enjoy discovering all about new carpets, manufacturers and inspirational flooring ideas.

Recently I spent a day with the team at Roger Oates Design at their factory in Herefordshire.  I learnt about how they install their beautiful, hand-woven wool carpet – it was an amazing experience! They are all made as runners of 2/3 widths, are hand-finished and the weaving is carried out on specially-adapted narrow width looms.

If you have a curved staircase, the Roger Oates Design stair runners are a perfect choice. The flatweave design ensures that all of the stripes are kept in line, very difficult to achieve with a normal stair runner.

There are other differences, too.

A special type of gripper is used with a combination of an underlay; rubber crumb on the bottom and wool felt on the top. The runner is glued to the underlay; this enables it to be manoeuvred whilst still malleable and allows us to keep the borders and stripes carefully in line.

I thoroughly enjoyed my day at Roger Oates Design. The team can make carpet to any size you want – you can even have it wall to wall!

Interested to find out more? Click on this link  to look at our gallery of carpets and request a free sample.

For a free measure up and no obligation quote, contact us at our office and showroom on 09 63 56 23 10 or visit our website for more information about the wide range of carpets and flooring.

Showroom address: Les Rivières, 19260, TREIGNAC (please phone to confirm appointment).

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