Alternative Flooring

Visit the Alternative Flooring website to discover their range of carpets we can supply and fit for you in your French home.

Welcome to 20 years of design-led calm, character and quirky luxury. Two decades of designs that continue to break new ground, break the rules and break the silence. But designs that always have you in mind. At Alternative Flooring, we’re as British as afternoon tea, with just as much class and quirky charm. From our products’ origins on the banks of the Ganges and the Mexican Gulf to the finished article’s stripes, patterns and statements, we care about our craft. We’re as natural, original and authentic as the warp and weft in our flooring. Character shines through in every pick of yarn. We engage with customers, support retailers and inspire discourse. What do people love about us? Ask big names like Margo Selby, Ashley Hicks, Ben Pentreath and Liberty Fabrics. They all want to work with us. That’s a pretty cool bandwagon. Why not hop on board?